Hire Senior Level
in 5 Days

Offshore developers that work in your business time-zone. 8 hours overlap!

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Senior Level Talent

Our rigorous vetting process accepts the top 3% of tech talent in Africa.


Cost Savings

Hire experienced Senior level developers at an affordable rate


Culture Alignment

Our developers primary language is English, culturally-adept, and have international work experience.


Working Hours

Our developers work on any North America's time zone, ensuring real-time collaboration.

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Find your Senior Level Developers

  • No Time-Zone Issues
  • No Communication Issues
  • No Productivity Issues

Why Work With Us?

We remove the challenges of hiring offshore developers. We solve the operational barriers for companies to hire African tech talent.

Employer Trust: Each candidate experiences 6+ hours of vetting. We evaluate communication, behavioral, and technical skills to provide the top 3% of African developers.

Ease of Doing Business: Once we receive your request, we provide a short list of vetted candidates within 5 days based on your criteria.

Broad IT Personnel: We have cybersecurity specialists, full-stack developers, mobile app developers, cloud engineers, etc.

Our Services

Choose the hiring solution that meets your needs


Flexibility to evaluate the talent before committing.


Permanent placements and pay only upon success.

Enterprise Solutions

Hire a complete software development team.

Why Bridge Labs is Different

Compare us to traditional offshore staffing services, and the differences become clear

Services & FeaturesBridge LabsTraditional Offshore Staffing

Full-Time, Part-Time, and Contractor Positions

Manage Billing & Compliance

8+ Hours Overlap (IT Personnel work in North American Time-Zone)


Technical and Behavior Screened Candidates


Manage International Compliance


Work Visa Support


Streamlined Hiring Process

Hire top 3% of African tech talent in 5 days

Our Engineering Technologies

Our talent pool excels in a diverse tech stack, covering cutting-edge technologies and a wide range of specialized skills.